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the problem

age/strain and transmission pain

There are Three Problematic Realities Challenging the U.S.

#1: Our Current Grid Is Outdated and Overloaded

It’s in dire need of expansion and modernization. This is particularly true as:

  • Our country transitions to renewable energy
  • The demand for high-speed internet increases
  • The proliferation of electric vehicles generates a greater need for electricity
  • Extreme weather conditions strain the grid beyond its ability to function

#2: Renewable-Energy Projects Often Fail — Before They Start

Most people support renewable energy projects, but achieving them is harder than they realize.

  • Connecting to the grid is exceedingly cost prohibitive — and it can take years to facilitate. This is exacerbated by the reality that many proposed clean-energy projects are in remote locations.
  • Building above-ground transmission lines to deliver power to the grid is so costly — think millions of dollars per mile — and it’s so difficult, the proposition can kill a project before it begins. This is particularly true for remote projects. Additionally, overhead transmission lines are often hazardous (and unsightly).
  • Over 80% of solar and wind projects are abandoned (never built) after 3 years of development effort (and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested) in the USA due to insufficient transmission grid capacity and/or exorbitant grid upgrade costs (source).

    #3: Other Infrastructure Is Aging

    Additional infrastructure is aging and in dire need of repair and improvement. This includes broadband fiber, water, and transportation pipelines.

    • The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave the U.S. infrastructure a C- overall grade in its most recent report.
    • 11 of the 17 categories rated in the report card received a D rating.

      A transition to renewable energy in the US will require significant electrical grid infrastructure.